Cardiac Resynchronization therapy

Cardiac Resynchronization

Cardiac Resynchronization therapy Many people are of opinion that blockage of cholesterol in blood vessels is the main reasons for heat arrest. Hence many people think it is enough to keep cholesterol under control for healthy heart. When there are defects in electric impulses in heart, it will also cause heart block. Pacemakers help a […]

Symptoms of cervical spondylosis

cervical spondylosis

Symptoms of cervical spondylosis Following 5 Ds are helpful in identifying cervical spondylosis Digginess: Giddiness Diplopia: Blurred vision and illusion of two for one item. Drop attack: Stiffening of the muscles suddenly Dysphasia: Inability to swallow well Disasthreia: Stammering Along with the above symptoms, headache and pulling of hands and shoulders are seen. Weakening of […]

Food and teenagers…. How Junk food and TFA effects the health?


Food and teenagers…. How Junk food and TFA effects the health? Age between 13 and 19 is a beautiful stage.  Many habits of this age are continued to the next stages of life. This age determines the future health.  To have healthy food habits is therefore necessary. Friends with bad food habits influence the teenagers. […]

Chronic Diseases symptoms |Reasons and Homeo Treatment for Chronic Diseases


Chronic Diseases symptoms |Reasons and Homeo Treatment for Chronic Diseases Generally diseases are two types. One is acute disease and other is chronic disease. The symptoms of same disease coming frequently again and again are called chronic diseases. The status of patient needs to be studied closely while giving treatment for chronic diseases. Doctor should […]

Bariatric Surgery-Weight Reduction

Bariatirc Surgery

Bariatric Surgery-Weight Reduction | People with 35-40 BMI Should Opt For Bariatric Surgery A Survey stated that in India, there are about 14% men and 18% of women who are overweight and 5% are suffering from obesity.  From the foot of the toe to the hair there is not even a single part in the […]

Primary Standards of Drinking Water


Primary Standards of Drinking Water | Water that contains more PH value is not safe for drinking There are scientific instruments for measuring the impurities in water. One should have an awareness of basic standards of drinking water.  Lack of safe drinking water leads improper functioning of the body and eventually succumbs to various waterborne […]

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