Primary Standards of Drinking Water


Primary Standards of Drinking Water | Water that contains more PH value is not safe for drinking There are scientific instruments for measuring the impurities in water. One should have an awareness of basic standards of drinking water.  Lack of safe drinking water leads improper functioning of the body and eventually succumbs to various waterborne […]

Latest Test for Alzheimer’s Disease


Latest Test for Alzheimer’s Disease | Alzheimer’s to Be Recognized with Plaque in Brain The disease which damages memory power known as Alzheimer’s disease affects many elderly people.  There was no test available to diagnose this disease till now, but the two experiments that are done recently are giving a positive report.  Special plaque is […]

Early Stages of Allergy


Early Stages of Allergy | Complications of Allergy – Allergic sinusitis – Polyps in nose – Fungus Starting of allergy In case of anything not suitable touches and if allergy starts in the layers of nose, the histamine is released. Because of this, the blood veins swell and the layers of nose also swell. Then […]

Liraglutide for weight loss

weight loss

Liraglutide for weight loss Good news for obese people who want to lose their wait rapidly.  British scientists has  announced that the ‘4 in 1’  diet tablet which reduces weight without any side effects also controls blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol levels  will be introduced in the marked in a three years.  This Liraglutide tablet […]

Causes of Disc Prolapse


Causes of Disc Prolapse Backbone is like a pillar to the whole body. If that pillar like back bone is damaged, there occurs many problems like no movement in the body. So it is better to be careful in preventing this problem. In case any problems are seen, it is better to take immediate treatment. […]

Qunexa works as weight loss tablet and also for Snore and controlling Blood pressure (BP)


Qunexa works as weight loss tablet and also for Snore and controlling Blood pressure (BP) The scientists are saying that the medicine which is discovered for the purpose of the weight loss (Obesity) is also useful in controlling the snore very successfully and so this medicine is called as a multipurpose tablet by the scientists. […]

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