What happens if we do over dieting?

What happens if we do over dieting?

To reduce fat from the body people start consuming very less food.  It causes many complications.  The rate of digestive metabolism decreases with less consumption of food.  It causes restlessness, weakness and tiredness.  Immune system is also affected.  Weight of the body decreases drastically in those people who over diet. Reason for this is emaciation of muscles.  Muscles have a power to melt down the fat.  Muscle weakening means an instrument which decreases fat from the body weakening.   What happens if over dieting is continued for some years, and you start taking food which has more caloric values?  Weight of the body increase instantly, as the muscles lose the power to melt the fat.  Building up muscles is the only way to lose fat.  Exercise and nutritious food are important for building muscles.  Now do you understand the problems of over dieting?

The secret behind the re attack of cancer after treatment has revealed | Few cancer cells hide in Thymus during chemotherapy and attack the body again

The secret behind the re attack of cancer after treatment has revealed | Few cancer cells hide in Thymus during chemotherapy and attack the body again

Scientists have revealed the secret behind the re-attack of cancer after undergoing effective treatments like chemotherapy. And they have concentrated on treatments that cures cancer completely without any re-attacks. The reason is some of the cancer affected cells will hide themselves inside thymus of the body. The production process of cells will run in thymus, thus the hidden cells escapes from chemotherapy. These will remain in thymus for some time and enters the body after completion of chemotherapy along with normal cells and attacks other organs, thus spreads cancer once again.

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Cervical spondylosis and its details | Reasons for development of cervical spondylosis problem

Cervical spondylosis and its details | Reasons for development of cervical spondylosis problem

Neck is the most important organ of the body. It connects the head with rest of the body. It should be taken much care owing to its function. Because of not taking proper care, two in every four people are suffering from neck pain. Sometimes this pain will spread from neck shoulders to elbow also. Sometimes the hands will be felt weak. The spinal bones in the neck will get degenerated resulting in this problem.  As a part in this modern life style, sitting in front of computers in wrong posture for long time will result in getting this problem quickly. This problem starts as cervical disc prolapsed and If the problem continues for long period of time or in the early age if the spines in the neck are degenerated then the problem turns into cervical spondylosis. Let’s know more about it.

There is a chance of considering the pain of the cervical spondylosis in the earlier stage as the normal neck pain. There is a chance of neglecting the pain thinking that it is caused due to wrong posture in the sleep. To get relief temporarily we will generally use some pain killers. By this the pain will get increased.

The trend of this disease in the present days than in the past

In the past, this problem was seen after the age of 50 years. But now it is also seen in the young age people. In this modern lifestyle sitting in front of computer for long period of time, standing for a long period of time, stress resulting in getting this problem even in 20 years of age.

Reasons for development of cervical spondylosis problem

In the region of the neck there are seven bones. They are called C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, and C7. These bones are useful to keep the head straight. They help in the flexibility of the neck. They protect the spinal cord inside. To reduce the fiction between the bones, discs are present. The nerves starting from these bones will go to various parts of the body and control them. Due to the reasons like the spinal bones in the neck getting degenerated or the disc in between them getting dislocated, these nerves get under stress and results in getting numbness and pain. Such dislocation of the disc is called cervical disc prolapse.  If the bones C1 and C7 in the neck get degenerated and the facetal joints in between them also get degenerated resulting in the reaction of growth of the bone and are called as cervical spondylosis.  Generally cervical disc prolaps occurs at younger age. When the damage occurs due to disc prolapse for longer periods it will lead to cervical spondylosis.

Medical diagnostic tests for identification of cervical spondylosis

X-Ray, CT scan, nerve conduction test are helpful in confirming cervical spondylosis.

Symptoms of Gallbladder Stones-Surgery to Remove Gallbladder Stones

Gallbladder stones symptoms and complications

Gallbladder stones can be identified with the symptoms like stomach pain. This problem can be seen in people of any age from infants to aged persons. These stones are formed due to some types of blood related diseases. In some people cholesterol may be the cause for formation of Gallbladder stones. Genetic reasons are the prime cause for formation of Gallbladders stones in young age. Stomach pain will come for ten minutes and goes. After sometime stomach pain will be seen again. In some patients this pain may continue for twenty four hours. Stomach will be increased when taken food. In some people there will be nausea after taking oily food. When infections become severe due to presence of stones in Gall bladder for a long time, fever, vomiting etc symptoms are seen. Gallbladder stones may block the bile from liver. Bile will directly go into the blood and Jaundice will appear. Sometimes Cholangitis diseases which causes infection in total body can be seen in these patients. If immediate treatment is not given it may be dangerous to life.

Gallbladder stones block the tube through which bile and secretions from Pancreas. This may cause Pancreatitis. Symptoms of this are swelling in various parts of the body, infections inability to each anything, spinal cord pain etc. Pancreas may completely get damaged and this condition may be life threatening to 5% people. Pus may form in the Gallbladder due to stones. If stones are present in Gallbladder since a longer time due to continuous friction of stone, there is a chance of getting cancer.

Gallbladder stones surgery

Gallbladder stones can be dissolved with tablets. These medicines have to be used for at least two years. But most patients stop taking the tablets in the middle. In 60% patients the stones may reappear in five years. In ten years time stones will be formed again in all the patients. In 80% of people, there will be no pain or any problem with the stones. Laparoscopic surgery can be performed to remove the Gallbladder stones keeping in view the future complications of Gallbladder stones. But this surgery has to be done by only expert doctors.

Many times Gallbladders stones are identified only when the patient undergoes ultrasound test for other problems. There is no need of surgery for patients who are more than 60 years of age. In young patients these may grow 1% per year and may create a problem after 20 years. Surgery is necessary only when they create a problem. In diabetic patients it is better to remove the Gallbladder. Because, diabetic patients will not feel any pain even though the problem becomes severe.

Patients who undergo Gallbladder stones surgery need not stay in the hospital. They will be discharged from the hospital on that day itself. They can resume their normal work with in one or two weeks.

Avoid Cancer with Regular Exercises

Avoid Cancer with Regular Exercises |Stay Away From Tobacco Products to Prevent Cancer

Cancer was treated as a non curable problem in the past. With the introduction of latest technology, there are many advanced machineries to recognize cancer in the early stage. But due to the negligence of most of the people, the cancer is being turning   dangerous and even   life is lost. It is known earlier that the main reason for the attack of cancer is hereditary problem and the food habits that are followed daily.    specialists are saying that by following small preventive measures, one can control the chances of getting the cancer. This was revealed by researches which are done by the American cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Funds. The three important things which are necessary for the human body to keep healthy are the weight of the body, food and proper exercise.  doing exercise for at least half an hour is compulsory. The food is to be taken in time and besides that fruits and vegetables are to be taken in the diet. It is advisable to keep away from the food items which are made of oil and fat. By following these kinds of changes, it is proved in research that the chances of getting attacked by cancer will become less. It is also important to avoid using tobacco products.   scientists who participated in the research are saying that by following all the above mentioned preventive measures, the danger of cancer can be controlled.

Water in summer makes | More Water Drinking habit makes you healthy during Summer too

Water in summer makes | More Water Drinking habit makes you healthy during Summer too

Daily eight to ten glasses of water is necessary to have sufficient water levels in the body in summer. Also, nutrients in the water will take away the different health problems, according to experts.

  • Dehydration is one of the common problems seen in this season of summer. It is a known fact that water is necessary to avoid this condition. Regardless of the thirst, water which has moisture and minerals should be taken in more quantities to avoid arthritis. Water also plays an important role in hearts’ protection along with food and exercise. Water can control the high blood pressure.
  • Water will rejuvenate the energy and helps to be active. It works as natural power booster. It helps in the development of electrical and magnetic energies in the cells.
  • It plays significant role in regularizing blood circulation and avoids cancer.
  • Serotonin is a kind of neurotrans, released in the brain, will relieve from depression………………. Mind can be kept at peace by taking a glass of water in the morning. To avoid sleeplessness and other sleep related problems, it is better to take a glass of water before going to bed.
  • Skin will glow if there are adequate levels of water in the body. If there is lowering of water in body, it will show effect on skin. As a result, skin will dry up. To avoid this condition and to avoid age marks on skin, there is no better solution than water.
  • Polluted environment, food habits and other reasons will accumulate waste material in the body. Water plays irreplaceable position in sending out these waste materials from the body. Water plays important role in burning the extra calories of body and serves as best medicine for obesity.
  • Eyes get dried up when worked for more hours in front of computer. To avoid this, not only taking adequate water is enough, but a small exercise of closing and opening the eyes will be useful in retaining the moisture in the eyes.