Bariatric Surgery Side Effects

Bariatric Surgery Side Effects | Safety of Bariatric Surgery

How safe is bariatric surgery?

If the weight is above 100 it is risky to perform bariatric surgery as there would be clotting formed in the legs.  These may go to the breathing process and it would be much more dangerous.  So, vibrations would be sending to the legs so that the blood would not be clotted.  For the blood to get thin, blood thinners and heparin injections are given.  If the patient is suffering from Sleep apnea he will be given oxygen through bypass device from one week before the surgery and will be prepared for surgery.   If all these measures are taken, then if there are many risks and even if the condition is critical also the surgery would be performed successfully.  Since the food is taken less there would be a doubt that after surgery if the required nutrients would be enough for the body or not, but after the surgery the doctor would give a diet chart, which should be followed by the patient without fail.

Side effects of bariatric surgery

There would not be any side effects from bariatric surgery unlike pills.  Since this operation would be performed through keyhole there would not be any scars on the body.  There would not be any risk of infection and need not stay in the hospital for a long time.  After one week, the routine activities would be done easily and the weight would be reduced from six months to one year period.  The weight would not be reduced suddenly and so there would not be a chance for weight increase also.  If healthy habits are maintained after the operation then there would not be a problem of obesity again.

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