Diseases Caused due to Contaminated Water

Diseases Caused due to Contaminated Water | Causes and symptoms of diseases that arise due to contamination in water

Diseases caused due to polluted water are


This disease occurs to anyone, who drinks contaminated water. In this disease, yellow color observed in skin, face, eyes and nails. If we take bath in contaminated water, then also jaundice and many other skin diseases like itching, cholera, herpes etc can occur.

Symptoms of jaundice-

  • Loss of appetite.
  • Headache.
  • Extreme weakness.


Drinking contaminated water causes dysentery problem. Patients typically experience mild to severe abdominal pain or stomach cramps, which results in severe diarrhea. Due to shortage of water in body, person suffers with dehydration problem. The patient needs immediately intervenes saline.

Eye disease

If we take bath in impure water or drinking that water, eye related problem will develop. Such as cholera, tearing water, reddish in eye, eye swelling etc. Such as conjunctivitis which spreads from one another.

Throat disease

In this disease, throat surrounding becomes swelled which gradually increased and glands appears.  Due to this swelling develops in feet’s and hands.

Filarial disease

Filarial disease appears in leg due to swelling and legs became elephantiasis with thickening of skin.


Typhoid is also water born disease. In this disease high grade fever remains for 2-3 days, that’s why it takes time to identify the disease, whether it is typhoid or other disease.

Skin disease

Skin disease caused due to drinking impure water, taking bath and washing clothes in impure water. It causes dry itching in skin.

Impure water can be purified in home, when there is no other source

  • Drink boiled water
  • When we mix alum in drinking water, mud will settled under water. Filter the water and drink.

Put basil leaves in impure water, it destroy water contaminated bacteria.

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