Exercises that are to be done for the normal delivery | Must and should exercises for pregnant ladies

Exercises that are to be done for the normal delivery | Must and should exercises for pregnant ladies

Exercises help the pregnant women to be healthy and to have normal delivery. The pregnant woman had to start their exercises in the slow timings in the early 4 and 5 months and later on the time has to be increased. It is very important to stop the exercises if there occurs the symptoms like heavy stress and so on. The advice of the doctors is very important to perform these actions.

Before doing the exercises, a carpet or soft sheet is to be place on the floor. The exercises are s follows:

Exercise 1:

Bending down and placing the hands and the legs straight to the floor. The head and the backbone must be in the standard position. The chin is to be touched to the chest and the lower part of the stomach is to be inhaled by the air and is to be exhaled after 5-10 seconds. This has to be repeated 5 times.

Exercise 2:

Stand at a corner facing the floor and the legs are to be placed 2-3 feet distance from the corner. The feet are to be equal in position and keeping the legs straight can place the right palm on the right side of the floor and vice versa. The pulse of the hand should be equal to the shoulders.  Then the body has to be bending aside from the elbows and the elbows are to be backside and one has to get a feeling that the chest and the shoulders are stretched. Be in the same position for 15-30 seconds and this has to be repeated twice a day.

Exercise 3:

The body has to be bending down and the hands and the legs are to be kept straight. The backbone had to be straight and slowly it has to be bending. The head has to touch the shoulders. The hands and the legs are not to be moved during this process and by bending the head down, the left thigh have to be bent towards the left shoulder.  During this process, the left hip feels as if it is stretching. This position is to be maintained for 15-30 seconds and has to come to the normal position and the same has to be repeated on the other side too. This has to be repeated 2-3 times.

Exercise 4:

Stand straight for this exercise and the right hand is to be placed on the backside of the waist to the downwards. The left hand is to be raised from the head and the palm has to be faced down and during this stage, the hand has to be straight to the shoulder and the wrist and the elbow middle part at the center of the ear and has to bend the palm facing the floor.

The down part of the hips has to be constant and the hips part is to bend to the right side. The upper part of the hand is to be bent in the same way. The left elbow is to be bent slowly and has to bring to the right side from the head. By doing this we can get the feeling of stretch in the bending and at the hips. Maintain this position for 15-30 seconds, come to the normal position, and repeat the same on the other side. This has to be done 2-3 times.

Exercise 5:

The legs are to be folded and had to sit straight. The shoulders are to be bent down and had to be placed backwards and the backbone had to be straight. The head had to be bent to the left side by the left hand. During that process, the second hand is to be bent to the back. In the same way, even the head is to be bent towards the shoulders. Stay a while for 15-30 seconds in the same position and the same exercise had to be repeated 2-3 times.

After delivery, there are some exercises, which make the body to get to its normal stage and position. If it is normal delivery, the exercises can start after 6 weeks and if it is syzerian, it is after 8 weeks. The advice of the doctor is to be taken before starting the exercises before and after the delivery.