Self Medication and Its Effects

Self Medication and Its Effects | Self Medication in Various Diseases Is Very Dangerous

Most of the people take the tablets on their self when they suffer from problems like headache, cold and others. This may lead to few problems as they don’t know the dosage to be taken for some tablets and the timings to take the tablets. They also don’t know the time gap to be given for every tablet and people should know that there are some precautions and instructions not only to prepare the medicine but to take the medicine also. Mistakes which are done while taking the medicines or following the instructions may lead to major problems and people will also face the problems when they take the medicines on their self or stop taking the medicines at their convenience. There are many reasons for the people to suffer from headache and there are different kinds of headaches. It is very dangerous to take self treatment when they are suffering from headache for a long time. Tablets which are taken by the people can give the solution instantly and relieve them from the pain but they may lead to major problems.

Fever is the second disease where most of the people do their self medication.  People take their tablets like Recofast when their body temperature is increased and feel cold and cough. Normal people don’t know the minimum chemicals which are used for the preparation this tablet. This tablet is having the capacity to reduce the stress on the heart and there are chances of heart attacks if a person suffering from heart problem takes this Recofast tablet. So people should remember that they will face problems when they take their self treatment.

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